Monday, October 22, 2007

LV Happy .... end of my quest!

Remember I posted before that I was so desperate to get the Neverfull bag from LV?

Been trying to get the bag anywhere in Asia, but no luck... can't find the bag from LV Manila, HK, SNG and Bangkok! Tried asking my boss to get it from Vegas last month, but sad to say... no available stock as well.

Jen (fellow blogger) even offered to buy the Neverfull bag from SanFo, but was so dyahe to ask her uncle to bring my bag straight from Alaska! (thanks, Jen!)

My only hope was to get it from LV E-luxury website and have it shipped here in Manila thru my aunt's balikbayan box from NY. But after several site visits... the Neverfull bag was no longer available. OUT OF STOCK when I was about to click "buy now" button. Wow, really ironic, huh!

Out of frustration (and desperation), I went to LV Greenbelt the next day... checked some LV bags and decided to buy the next best thing I could get. I bought the LV Batignolles Vertical in less than 20 minutes.

Yes, very impulsive buy!! Kinda pricey especially I know for a fact that the LV bags here in Manila costs P7K more compared to other Asian countries. But what the heck, I want to go home that day with my LV bag!! :) Very, very bad!!

And so my LV Neverfull saga ends... Neverfull MM became NeverNA talaga! Hahaha!

But believe me... really happy and satisfied with my new LV Batignolles Vertical bag. I really felt damned good that day! The feeling.... priceless! Hahaha!

Oh by the way, my friend from HK told me he could get me another LV bag by November 8... I am so tempted!!! I am thinking of getting hand carry (Speedy 30) LV bag this time. Haay... very addicting vice! :)


Jody said...

Jacq! Kukunsintihen kita sa bisyo na ito! Hahaha, go get the speedy. Damier ba? Hw much sa HK? My client from Sgp arriving na on saturday and we will meet the following day. Less 5.4K from Manila rate. I'm thinking to get the horizontal bagtinolles by December naman from a friend based in Switz...10K difference ano!

Jen said...

hala, yah very bad (and addicting) vice you got there :D

Jane said...

uy, we have the same bag!

Kelly said...

I wants! I wants! I wants the BV too! HAHAHAHA!

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Wow! Nice bag you got there Jacqui. :)


Apols said...

Yey at last! ganda din ng BV ah!!!! cpongratulations on your new baby !

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