Saturday, September 29, 2007

Had a change of heart … and being on waitlist

Remember my previous wish list post about wanting to get LV monogram canvass petite bucket for Christmas?

I’ve decided to visit Louis Vuitton shop at Greenbelt last weekend to check out the bucket bag I’ve wanted. The petite monogram canvas bucket was regally sitting on one of the shelves, when suddenly I had the itch to try it on. Just curious and see how it would look on me.

I’ve tried it on and inspected the bag up-close and suddenly... I got quite disappointed. The bag I’ve wanted seemed quite small for my body frame. Well, quite unusually small from the last time I checked out. ( and that was two years ago!)Hmmm...I wonder if the bag size was altered … or I got bigger lang! (think it was the latter! lol.)

Anyway, I tried putting my wallet inside and was surprised that it consumed most of the bag space. No room for my other must have essentials like my kikay kit and hair brush. Very bad! Not a wise choice after all. Pretty, but too small for me! So… I had sudden change of heart.

After looking at Speedy 30 and other LV bags … I asked for the Neverfull style. The sales assistant was kind enough to show me the display product of Neverfull MM and I fell inlove the moment I saw it. The bag is a real winner! It bears the classic monogram logo, in-shoulder bag, very stylish, spacious with expanding capacity and price wise… real good steal! I tried it on…and fits just perfect! Got so excited but was disappointed again because of stock unavailability. I was told that this style has been out of stock for months now. I am on waitlist...and on page 16!

Desperate, I emailed my friends from SNG and HK. I asked them to get the NEVERFULLL MM bag for me. Sadly, even these LV stores don't have available stock. Delivery still uncertain and with no assurance if they'll have new shipment coming this month. Haayy.. ang hirap hanapin ha!

Well, I guess this bag really not meant to be :( or perhaps, not now... Haayy! (**very furstrated**)

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Apols n Junn said...

hi jacqui, i saw 1 neverfull at ebay PH with receipt from store at 35K.

Ebay singapore 2 neverfull @ 900Sing dollars ;D Orig. hehehe


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