Friday, October 5, 2007

Samantha School Updates

Sam officially started schooling October 1 at Fairchild Learning Center.

One week passed and we are surprised with the changes that happened to her. It seems she emotionally matured overnight! Well, that is an overstatement. But, really we were able to clearly see lots of changes on her with just one week of school time. :)

As per Teacher Wendy, Samantha already displays readiness for school. Her attention span was longer compared to her previous summer class. She can now follow simple instructions and can participate well with class activities. She has become quite independent in school and as a matter of fact, displays no qualms when no “yaya” with her on her first day. She also interacts freely and plays well with her fellow classmates. Though sometimes they noticed, she’s so picky with her school snacks that she sometimes prefers not to eat. Overall, Samantha displays the eagerness and willingness to learn.

On our end, we see how independent she had become. She’ll play alone and get things she needs without asking help from us or yaya. You can leave her alone watching or playing, and expect that she’ll never get bored. She can easily entertain herself with other little things. At night, before we sleep, we would usually hear her sing their farewell song (may last song syndrome lagi!) and sometimes after praying, she’ll talk non-stop until she reach the portion when teacher would ask them to sit! lol! Mine-memorize sinabi ng teacher.

and for her school outfits….
I opened her cabinet the other day and saw that she’s got plenty of unworn dresses. Funny because aside that she had outgrown these, most of it with tag labels pa!

Haay…sayang lang... and naka-liitan na talaga!

You see, Sam’s usual get up either pair of shorts or jeans with matching cutie shirt top, and her crocs. That’s it! Very simple, cool and low maintenance girl! Hahaha! :)

Though sometimes, really lovely to see her wear dress… so girly! :)

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Joy said...

wow big girl sam goes to school na :)

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