Wednesday, October 10, 2007

and now Mommy is sick too...

Ayan, because of my tender loving care... Mommy is sick too!

I did not report for work the past two days. Had fever, headaches and bad colds. Sam enjoyed every minute of me at home. We just stayed in our bedroom watched DVDs together : Elmo , Barney, Dora and Baby Einstein! Pinatulan namin lahat ng re-runs DVD!

I've been dying to open my blog but the headache is too much for me. I feel so weak and drowsy and I can't barely look at my homepage. Been sneezing like hell that it hurts everytime I sneezed. Too much sneezing not good, believe me!

Funny because Sam's under nebulizer treatment and got a dose of it as well.

The good news...Sam is already ok. Little cough left, but definitely ok and back to her usual self. She'll be back na tomorrow at school.

Me...well, I need to go back to work! I reported for work today but still not on my top shape!

Also, as I am typing my blog entry now, I can hear Daddy sneezing at the background! Think he got bitten by Sam's virus too. Hahaha!


Jen said...

oh no! hope everyone gets better soon!

popcorn said...

bloghopping... :)

eep! hope you guys get well soon.

I've been nursing a cold for a week now... sana gumaling na rin ako. haaay!

Peachy said...

get well soon! ** hugs**

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