Monday, October 8, 2007

sick girl

Samantha was sick since yesterday. Her fever, between 38-39C for the past two days. She won't eat and she's been so extra clingy to Mommy. Obviously, nag-lalambing!

We brought her to Medical City ER, just to be safe. We were surprised to see ER was full and we were on waitlist for available bed. Grabe, puro kids talaga with fever! Parang may epidemic nga at the hospital!

When the nurse got Sam's temp, it was 40.3C. This prompted the nurse to endorse us immediately to the resident doctor. We were prioritized and given the next available bed for Sam to lie down. She was as given paracetamol and was asked to apply cold sponge bath to subside the fever. After three hours, Sam’s temperature went down to 38.4C. As per her doctor, it is still too early to give her the CBC plate count. The result will be negative since it will take three days for any infection to manifest.We were then advised to go home and observe should there be any changes on Sam’s condition.

As first-aid solution, round the clock paracetamol should be continued. Also, since they noticed she has slight cough and colds, they requested to give Sam nebulizer treatment at home to ease her breathing and nose congestion.

As per my last reading, Sam’s temp already down to 36.4C. She already ate tinola for dinner and now slightly back to her usual self, watching Elmo DVD. Sam’s condition already improved and slowly recuperating from fever.

I think it was Mommy’s tender loving care helped. I didn’t report for work today and just stayed with her to attend to all her lambings. Hopefully, she gets better soon. Kawawa naman Sammie! :(


Jen said...

Sorry to hear about the little girl! It is the absolute worst when our babies get sick.

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Get well soon Sam! :) Galing ng tender loving care mo mommy Jacqui.


Jody said...

Hi Jacq! May sakit pala si Sam. Where there kids na sick din from school? Margaux also got sick in her first few weeks from school, nahawa sa classmate na may ubo. Oh well, that's the thing lang pag schooling na, kailangan boosted ang immune system. Dali nilang mahawa eh.

Peachy said...

get well soon sam :) hope she will recover fast .. uso talaga yata eh, when joaqui was hospitalized, puro kids din sa ER hehehe..

Joy said...

poor sam! get well soon. yan ang hirap sa school, pwede ng mahawa sa classmates no matter how hard we try to protect them.

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi girls!

Thank you for being so concerned with Sam's health.

She's ok now. No more fever and colds... little cough left but she's back to her usual self.

And now, nalipat na kay Mommy yun virus! :)

I think ito yun saying na: "Mommy na lang magkasakit, wag lang ang baby!" O di ba..martyr tayo! :)

Really tough being a Mom noh!

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