Monday, October 22, 2007

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Been out for several days and I owe you guys answers to your blog questions.

Well, here it goes….

From Jade: What will be your Christmas gift for your husbands?

No idea… I haven’t given considerable thought yet, very bad! :)

But now that you’ve asked, I might get him new office shoes. Or get him new shirts again this year since I saw him weeks ago looking at the new striped shirts from Lacoste. Bahala na! :)

From Erika: What is your most expensive purchase with your own money? Walang daya?!

My 1-carat diamond stud earrings! Hehehe! Grabe, really saved for this one! Hubby never knew the exact price of my earrings...til now! Hahaha! And I kept it from him since 2003 pa! If he finds out… he will kill me! lol.

From Jane: How much are you willing to spend for a designer bag?

I never thought I’ll spend so much for a bag! I started buying affordable and nice designer bags before like Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Esprit, Benetton/UCB, Nine West and Guess.

Then I moved to Nine West, Kenneth Cole and Coach bags.

And just this year, I am into LV and Gucci bags. Very bad!

For now… think $1K will be my maximum budget. Promise! :)

From Kelly: Which local or foreign celebrity best describes your style?

Since I got “big”, I prefer low-maintenance style. That is simple, traditional, safe and conservative get-up. Boring it may be, but I think I outgrew my passion for fashion! Hahaha! Think it comes with age… my usual outfit: jeans and shirts. I guess, I am more of Jennifer Aniston... Taray di ba!?! lol.

From Yvetchie: What’s inside your bag?

Today, I used my black Coach bag for work.

What's inside? Make up kit, Denman black hair brush, D&G Light blue perfume, Johnson’s baby cologne, tissue pack, wallet, mobile phone (N6300), Bayan wireless landline phone (BWL), pens, company id, car keys, small plastic envelope for my receipts.

From Jody: 7 List

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your

  • I love to travel. Given the financial freedom, would really love to go to places. Europe will top my must-see destination.
  • Love going to malls. Shopping or malling is one of my favorite pastime and stress therapy too!
  • I am a frustrated ballet dancer. I wanted to learn ballet when I was young but my parents cannot afford to send me to ballet school. Truly envy my friends who attended ballet class. So I promise myself if ever I have a baby girl, I will send her to ballet school. (hahaha! talk about passing your frustrations to your kid!)
  • I want to learn how to bake. I already bought baking gadgets but can’t find time (and too lazy!) to bake. My ultimate dream, Sam and I baking together chocolate cookies every Sunday afternoon.
  • I am a left-handed person.
  • I love to eat "street foods". Be it pork barbecue, pork isaw, chicken feet, IUD, ihaw tenga etc... suki ako! My fave tambayan: UP Kalayaan dorm and UP Beach house.
  • I don't eat "dinuguan". Nope, I am not Iglesia but my Mom was an Iglesia once. She never cooked dinuguan at home and since then, I m not used to eating dinuguan. Wala lang!

Can't think of tagging anyone... think I'm the last blogger who was given question tags. Naiwan ako...Hahaha!


Kelly said...

On your most expensive purchase: A diamond ring is WORTH your every penny!

On how much you are willing to spend for a designer bag: Once you start, there's never going back :)

On which foreign celebrity best describes your style: Taray! Jennifer Aniston! :)

Peachy said...

wow.. dami tags, i enjoyed reading, jennifer aniston ha :) cool!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Kelly.

Thanks for reading all my question tags! :)

Btw, I got diamond stud earrings :) not diamond ring, si hubby taya don as engagement ring. hahaha!


Oh di ba... taray talaga at mag-dream maging Jennifer Aniston! bwahaha!

Thanks for reading my tags...

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