Saturday, October 24, 2009

Samantha's party invites ...

... already printed and distributed to some of my colleagues and relatives.

As much as I want to send the printed copy to all our guests, I am afraid it will be very impossible for me at this time. One, driving proved to be quite difficult for me lately as I experience having mild contractions once in a while. Two, we decided to spend our weekend here at our Greenwoods home and we miss our home so much. Three as we spend our time here at home, we need to complete some household errands (such as house repairs and maintenance) before we move back again to our rented condo unit. Thus, it's a full and busy wekeend for the family.

Nevertheless, I've already successfully sent soft copy of the invites to some of our friends through facebook, twitter, yahoo mails, gmails, flickr and to all my online social networking sites thus I think everyone already well-informed about the upcomnig party. Thanks to the wonders of technology, reaching out to people made faster, convenient and so easy. Isn't it great?!

Now off to Samantha's party invite updates, need to check out micro sd for our digital camera in preparation for the upcoming birthday bash of the bratinella. I need to find extra micro sd just in case we do get excited with the party and end up with picture overload!LOL

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