Thursday, October 15, 2009

on getting fit

For this coming holiday season, I am thinking of getting the husband fitness equipment like treadmill or incline trainer to encourage him to pursue his diet plans. You see, he's been trying to lose weight for months now but because he travels a lot due to work, he can't seriously pursue his goal of trimming down his weight. Aside from the fact that the husband loves to eat Asian food, he can't simply spend time to go to gym since he's on a back-to-back meetings. Because of this, the husband needs an effective machine that will burn calories fast. Luckily, I saw a good promo on the web for an effective incline trainer. It offers more than 5x of burning calories by simply walking. The promo is offered to online buyers for a limited period of time. As low as $27, you can own the incline trainer! Buyers have also option to own this fitness machine with zero down payment and no interest payments for six months! Great deal, huh! Do check it out.

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