Thursday, October 29, 2009

and more LO for the party

Here's more lay out sample pictures from Abie and Howell. True to their word, they were able to send the LO before they leave few hours for Singapore (thanks guys!). I was able to send the soft copy to our reliable printers and since it's a long weekend and a holiday ... tarps ready for pick up by tomorrow evening. Isn't that great! Now we are finally all set for the party.
5x8 stage tarp design

2x6 party tarps standee

Oh, let me correct that... Not yet fully ready for the party yet. Almost forgot one minor thing. The birthday gift! I checked the web for mini laptop gadget request of the little girl, and happy to say found affordable and reliable laptop for tweens at! And since my fave electronic gadget store, Circuit City has closed its doors. Happy to find a new online shopping website not only for my gadget needs but for other items like clothes and jewelry. Do check it out. Affordable price and convenient shopping made easy.

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