Thursday, October 29, 2009

bath upgrades

Oh, I so want this ... for our bathroom upgrade.

And since the husband is into home improvement mode after the Ondoy calamity, I so want to take advantage of extending our home improvements not only exterior and interior painting jobs, but to upgrade my favorite part of the house .. the bathroom! Wouldn't it be lovely and a dream to own a walk in bath tub with full air whirlpool spa with 24 jet spray! Totally relaxing comfort at your very own home. No need to visit the spa for deep soak tub body massage, but instead you get the royal treatment fit for a queen any day you want it. Great, huh! And I so want to get this. I just hope the Prestige model bath tub will fit just right at our present shower room set up. Otherwise, instead of bath upgrade, will be needing major home improvement to add more space to our present bathroom. And that is not part of the plan! LOL.

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