Thursday, October 29, 2009

holiday tasks

This coming Monday, November 2 it was officially declared as public holiday. This is to celebrate All Soul's Day or day of remembering our loved ones who already passed away. Another long weekend hence the family is planning to go out for a short weekend get-away at Tagaytay. However, since most of the cemeteries will be filled by people, traffic will be very, very bad! Which makes us reconsider our wekeend plans, and instead prepare our long weekend hiatus by watching DVDs and doing some household chores. I've summarized some of the things to do this long weekend.

1. Prepare Samantha's party lootbags. Put all thank you tags and goodies on each loot.

2. Pick up party streamers and welcome tarps.

3. Give out party invitation to Sam's friends at home.

4. Prepare baby migo's bag since I am about to pop anytime this month.

5. Finalize birthing plans and brief husband do's and don'ts when the big day arrives.

6. Get the little bratinella her birthday outfit. Need to hit the mall this weekend for nice party dress.

7. Lastly, check the web for reliable Plano dentist for big brother Ico. He badly needs ortho-dentist to fix his over-bite problem. Target fix: on his 14th birthday by January.

8. Finalize budget and call home-fixers for exterior house repainting job in preparation for upcoming Christmas parties.

See .. so much to do this weekend. And it seems not a long relaxing weekend after all. Hehehe!

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