Saturday, October 10, 2009

BIL's wedding ...

... would be exactly six days from now. On Sunday, October 18, the Soriano-Raymundo clan will all troop to Tagaytay Highland's to attend the much-awaited wedding of the family. Despite all the typhoons and floods that passed these past few weeks, finally ... this is it! Still a GO wedding. All wedding invitations sent, guests and suppliers confirmed, and everything settled. Yes, after almost one year of wedding preparations by my brother in-law and his fiancee, they'll be walking down the aisle and say their I do's. How time flies so fast!

And of course, my kids will play a vital role part of the wedding entourage. Samantha will be one one of the flower girls, while Ico will be one of the junior groomsmen. Really cool, huh?! I can't wait to see the little girl in her pretty, striking, fluffy red gown. And Kuya Ico, donning an all-black suit ensemble. The husband will be wearing coat and tie too. And as for me, since I am on my 8th month pregnancy, will be in my simple short black dress with striking red accent bag, fab red sandals and nail polish. Hahaha, still aligned with the color theme, right? Can't wait to have our family portrait after this.

So to my BIL and his fiancee, congrats! Wishing you good luck and more kids to come!

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