Monday, October 12, 2009

on jewelry and insurance coverage

Finally, the chanel-inspired dangling earrings arrived after more than a month wait period. I fell inlove with this set when I saw this famous tv host-actress wearing it at her mother's funeral wake. Call it love at first sight, and after seeing it ... had sleepless nights and can't wait to get hold of it. Which is why I never stopped bugging my jeweler-friend to create an exact chanel earrings replica made of white gold and south sea pearls. Very bad of me. After my bagaholic madness, I am back to my jewelry madness! Real beauty, huh! Now I am hooked, I want matching pendant to go with it this time. Hehehe!
Of course, despite my current addiction to jewelry, I wouldn't compromise our existing life insurance policy. Especially now, with the coming of the new baby, we need to re-consider our existing insurance policy and probably upgrade our present coverage to ensure the future of our kids. With three kids to support, we need to get maximum coverage we can give to our kids... which I hope and pray, monthly premiums will be just affordable and budget-friendly for us. Wish us luck.

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gracious said...

Very lovely earrings :)

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