Tuesday, August 5, 2008

early Christmas wishlist

Yes, as early as August 3 .. Kuya Ico already signified his Christmas wish list. More than four months ahead ... and to think we are not yet in the -ber months! As per Ico, the earlier he tells me, the earlier I can save up! Wa-is!

His Christmas wishlist are as follows:

1. Since his computer quite old and been slow lately, he's asking for new computer desktop with higher memory and RAM capacity. I guess this is for his online gaming, downloading and videos.

2. new PS3 that he's been eyeing for months now.

3. MAC book --- Still thinking about it. Very expensive toy for his age. But I was surprised that he was able to plan out how to get this gift! He told me he's thinking of asking cash gifts from his aunts ($100 each), lolo and lola's, his dad, from me and hubby. He computed how he can get $1K to buy his MAC book by asking us rolled-into-one gift for christmas, birthday and graduation gift.

No promises yet ... I told him the gift will depend on his grades. Though I never had any problems with his academic performance, and I am confident he'll graduate gradeschool with flying colors ... I still believe in giving gifts in moderation. Item 3 is too much! Even if he can come up with the $1K to buy the MAC book..still think its too much for his age. Hehehe!

Anyway, let's see ... it is still five months away.

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