Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sam's busy school week

Aside from being busy with work lately, I've been extra busy teaching and preparing Sam for her "paper game" activity this week. This is how St. Paul introduce the assessment or examinations concept to kids .. a paper game . I guess they don't want to put pressure on the kids by introducing the big "E" at nursery level. Aside from the paper game which covers ( L, T, and I ) , colors, numbers and shapes , they have a one-on-one oral exams too! I am very confident she knows the subject matter. But what I am afraid of, is her lack of "listening skills". You see she's not good in following directions ... she prefers to do things on her own. Simply pasaway! For example, if I ask her to circle the correct answer, she'll beg me to color it instead. If I insists, she'll stop doing her work. Haaayyy...
Sharing some of the pictures I took last week during their morning assembly.

See how she obediently follows her teacher than me! Sus... I can see how she loves her school principal so much, Sister Teresita. The sweet principal is really close to the kids. As a matter of fact, the kids adores her. You can see them hugging and kissing their school principal whenever they see her along the hallways or corridors.

By the way, on August 28 the nursery kids will dance Itik-Itik as part of their Linggo ng Wika celebration. Kids are asked to dress up in baro't saya complete with bakya or abaca slippers. Parents are invited to watch on this day too. My MIL was so excited when she learned this, so excited that she bought Sam her Filipiniana costume last Monday from the Pasig market. Buti na lang...because I am really busy to get her the outfit. Hahaha! Will post Sam's pix after her performance. I can't wait to see her perform the itik-itik dance. This will be their first school activity with parents. Haaayyy... the joys of parenting talaga!


mm said...

hay usually mas nakikinig tlga sila sa skul/teacher mas takot ata sila sa kanila hehee

Bela said...

uy may program na sila sam...intay ko pictures sis...

at pareho si sam at bela, si bela din gusto nya sya masusunod...pareho sila zodiac sign diba?...hehehe

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