Monday, August 11, 2008

Baguio Trip

Day 1 : 08.07.08 Thursday

Arrived at Baguio by 8pm. We took the steep, winding and zigzag road of Kennon going to Baguio. Since there was a landslide at Marcos highway a day before we left for Manila, our options either take Naguilian (2 hours more drive) or Kennon Road. Bravely, we opted to take the latter. After checking-in at the Manor Hotel, famished and tired we went straight to Cafe by the Ruins along Otek Street. Despite the heavy downpour, we chose to have our romantic (and yummy) dinner here to enjoy the sights, smell (of pine trees) and taste of Baguio! :)

the Partner's angels ... moi, ruth, beng and coleen

pandan iced tea with lots of honey

hot biscuits with butter and strawberry jam

carbonara with bacon slices (not bits ha!) and garlic bread

since I am a rice person, I ordered this yummy treat : tapa flakes with garlic rice and soup. best choice!

Day 2 : 08.08.08 Friday

Woke up early and went to Session Road for breakfast and ukay-ukay or wag-wagan madness. This is Baguio's thrift or bargain stores wherein you can buy second-hand branded clothes or bags like Gucci, LV, Prada at very cheap price. Actually, not so cheap anymore ...I was able to check an old Gucci bag and was surprised with its tag price, P10K for a second hand bag! No way will I pay for 10K old bag! Checked some suits and coats, but not satisfied with the selections. I guess I am too lazy to check out those racks for good finds. Decided to leave the ukay ukay of Session Road and went straight to John Hay's Mile Hi or commissary (near the Manor).

At the Mile-Hi (commissary), was able to get good knitted coats for Sam. I was told that the items sold here are usually export over runs of Marks and Spencer's. Actually one of the knitted jacket I bought has a M&S tag on it. Got really good warm knitted coat for Sam in pink, and another short overlay coat in dark blue. Enough to protect her from the cold aircon inside her classroom. I got the knitted coats at P250/pc. Not bad.

Lunchtime spent at SM Baguio. Because we need to prepare for the afternoon wedding, we decided to book at David's Salon for some hair fix. Surprisingly most of our Bayan colleagues (and their wives) also at SM Baguio for some beauty preps.

By 4pm, we were all good and ready to attend Anne's wedding at Our Lady of Fatima, Benguet. For wedding kwentos check out here

Day 3: 08.09.08 Saturday

After partying the night before (and watching the Olympics opening at the cable), we woke up early and left the Manor for some pasalubong shopping. As early as 10am, we were eating breakfast (inihaw na pusit and mais) at Mine's View Park. Bought some goodies here like choco cornflakes and oatmeal cookies, peanut brittle, walis tambo and Ifugao oranges. Then we proceeded to Good Sheperd Convent at Gibraltar Road and bought jars of ube jam and strawberry preserves. By 11am, we were all busy at the Baguio market for some fresh veggies and more pasalubong shopping! Got brocolli, cauliflower, sayote tops, lettuce, green pepper, garlic, sitsaro, carrots and potatoes at a very low price. Unfortunately, no strawberries available during this time. :(

Our last stop before leaving Baguio, we went to Petron Station near Kennon Road. We were told that freshly-baked breads from Baguio Country Club can be bought here. Same price that of BCC without the hassles of securing the signature of club member. I bought their yummy banana and raisin bread. Real yummy! I was told that their carrot loaf bread was good too, sadly I was not able to try it.

Officially, we left Baguio at 1pm after having lunch at Pancake House. Still raining .. but what the heck, we enjoyed our short stay at Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines! We had few stops but the travel from Baguio to Manila was less than six hours. No traffic.

Our Baguio stay was short but sweet ... and I vowed to be back by end of the month. I tentatively booked at the Manor for another Baguio trip and I am hoping it will push thru. This time, I want to bring Sam along so she can enjoy the cold weather of Baguio. Tried booking during the August holidays, sadly... no more available rooms. 101% fully-booked! Darn...sayang promo. Anyway, still hoping by EO of August I can get a suite and the weather will be cooperative (not rainy) by then.


mm said...

na miss ko bigla ung banana bread ng BCC hehehe

Aggie said...

puro pagkain ang nakikita ko dito, bakit wala man lang picture ng kasal LOL

Mare, tag uli:

Ngaun lang ako nakarounds eh

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi MM,

yup super yummy and moist noh? sayang di ko na-try carrot cake...sarap din daw! :)

sayang nga bought 1 loaf lang...dapat pala 3 kasi isang upuan lang ni hubby..ubos na! hahaha!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi aggie,

alam mo naman basta pagkain, di ako mauunahan! hahaha! :)

Bela said...

ayan, tinandaan ko mga sinabi mong shoppingan...hehehe...tagal ko na kse di nakakapunta baguio...excited na ako sa aug 29-31...

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