Thursday, August 14, 2008

to hongkong or macau ...

still undecided.

Until now, our marketing team still unsure whether the Bayan sales team will push for Macau or Hongkong. Though we have a definite travel date, Sept 12-14 ... we haven't finalize any bookings yet. This is our sales incentive for hitting our quota 1H 2008. Imagine, booking 65 pax at this time (less than a month away) with a pre-determined budget ... kinda tough, don't you think so? Add the fact that we are mostly "pasaway" or really difficult to handle sales team. Some of my colleagues prefer to stay in Macau, while others would like to stay in HK and tour Disneyland. Hmmm....tough decision. I guess the deciding factor would be whatever beneficial or would give big cost-savings for the company. lol. With the all-in package, I just hope they wont forget to include travel medical insurance too! Our company HR requested that we travel by batches. Separate planes and different travel time. This is for security and safety purposes. They won't allow the enitre Bayan Corporate sales team to travel together. Hahaha, I can imagine if we got stranded or something happens to us..the entire sales team will be wiped out!lol.

Personally, I don't have any qualms if we go to HK or Macau. Been here last February with my family thus, I really don't mind. But this time, my upcoming travel will be both business and pleasure. Pleasure because I'll be spending bonding time with my colleagues. We can eat, drink, shop and party 'til wee hours without thinking of kids to take care of. Business, since my HK trip will be extended for two more days to meet up our foreign clients. So if ever we’ll push for HK, I’ll be gone from Sept 12-16. Five days!

Oh not just five days away for my family. Technically, I'll be gone 7 days! Prior leaving for HK (or Macau), I will be attending the annual Asian Carrier Conference at Shangrila Cebu. The conference would last for four-days but I'll be joining for two days only. Enough time for me to catch up with our sales team in Macau (or HK). And if ever, my itinerary goes like this ...

Sept 10-11 Shangrila , Cebu
Sept 12-14 Macau (or HK)
Sept 15-16 HK
Too sad I'll be away from Sam for one week. And Daddy will be gone too! Since hubby works in a telecommunications firm, he will be attending the Cebu conference! He will be gone for four days. No, he will not be joining me ... but he will represent his company. It's gonna be our second year together in a same conference --- on a separate hotel, on a separate travel arrangements, separate client meetings and with different colleagues. Hahaha! Believe me, we really look funny! Sometimes we even meet same clients and when we do exchange our biz cards, we do get the common question ... "how are you related to mike (or jacqui) soriano? " hahaha! Good thing we don't work on a competing telecoms firm...otherwise, it will be very inappropriate for us to be seen together. Hahaha!
So now that I've shared my travel plans ... I am now busy as a bee listing my shopping items too! I told hubby I'll buy my early Christmas present and that is, another bag! I badly need a good and nice black bag for office use. I've outgrown my black bags: Esprit, Lacoste, Nine West and Coach and I think its about time to get something serious. Really serious. Hmmmm...Let's see.


Peachy said...

di ka naman masyado busy nyan hehehe..

miss ko shang cebu.. ikain mo na lng ako dun ha:)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hmmm...ano gusto mo ikain ko? cebu lechon, danggit, or seafoods at sutukil? :) I'm sure tataba na naman ako! waaahhh!! :(

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