Wednesday, August 6, 2008

baby things as investments

This post taken from the point of view of my husband. A first-time and hands on Dad to our loving daughter, Samantha ...
I am a Dad. I provide for my family. And when my first born was on her way, my wife and I prepared frantically for the things that would be needed (mind you, would emphasize on the “needed” part). This involves preparing the cute baby clothes, feeding bottles and most importantly, the accessories.

The accessories make up the most of the “investment” for your child’s first years. And this includes the baby cribs, feeding chair, pushchair, prams and travel cots. And these things pretty much covers the bulk of the investment … say about 60% of the entire budget. At first, I do not really see the value of such especially the baby pushchairs! Told my wife that it better to carry the child in your arms while malling or going out of town. And oh boy … was I ever wrong! Thank God for these inventions! Imagine we have to go up & down several floors while shopping?! That will certainly take its toll on you especially if you have stand in line paying … and all these things you have to do “holding your child” in your arms. Even though it feels good at first, but when the duration takes it toll, your baby will certainly become heavier & heavier.

Another underappreciated investment is the high chair. Several times you’ll say that it’s not that frequently used since you normally feed while carrying your baby, right? Wrong! If you look at it closely, the passive high chair is a very integral part of your child’s growth progress. It helps you child to naturally develop the proper sitting posture while eating. The exercise for patience and discipline starts with the high chair. This develops your child’s sense of time (to eat, of course!). And most of all, fun times are found mostly at the dinning table! And you won’t miss it for the world to see your child share that moment with the family!

Traveling cots with accessories really organizes things for your baby and you. No more leaving behind small things that your baby will need. It’s like bringing a mini-baby cabinet! So, that means you have enough space to get your things in as well.

So, are these bad investments? Not a chance! Not only it exemplified the real meaning of the word investment, but also made your child’s childhood meaningful. And now you know why your grandparents and parents keep the old baby things treasured like a family heirloom! Who knows? Maybe you can save up these investment for your child’s family.


Bela said...

eto ba yung sinasabi mo na mahabang post ni mike? ang haba nga, pwede na sya rumacket sis...hehehe

icoobaby1 said...

Soriano, I think your hubby realized that pushchair is very essential for baby to carry them when you are out for shopping or some thing else. I recommend you to use Icoo Pushchairs as they are very convenient to use and very affordable .So, don’t worry about your budget.

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