Friday, August 1, 2008

Saturday Checklist.

This tag started ast Monday checklist from Aggie. But, Jane tagged me as her Wednesday checklist. And since I am super busy with work lately (and not with blogging), I am passing this tag to MM, Vina, Em and Chat as SATURDAY CHECKLIST.

So here's my to do list:

* do market list , market day today for the helpers -- DONE!
* list our menu for the week ( Saturday - Friday) -- DONE!
* prepare breakfast for Ico and Sam -- DONE!
* cook lunch for the family
* call our aluminum window supplier, need to open up windows for the family room.
* call my Mom re: her birthday plans next week
* do my bi-monthly grocery.
* bring Kuya Ico home at Mandaluyong. Two weeks sked with his Dad.
* pick up my gown from the boutique. asked them to do minor alterations.
* buy another Kung Fu Panda DVD for Sam. Get new DVD again for hubby.
* look for old baby clothes of Sam for yaya Jenny (her last day today, she will surely be missed!)
* visit my dermatologist for my monthly facial cleaning and acne treatment.
* blog .. blog hop... online shop, do tags and post my weekend kwento.

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