Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Linggo ng Wika Presentation

Just came this morning from Sam’s Linggo ng Wika celebration wherein the nursery class danced the itik-itik. They all came wearing their best Filipiniana costume and they all looked so adorable and lovely complete with their abaca slippers.

While watching the show, I was really pleased that she danced the itik-itik … very cooperative and unafraid by the hundreds of parents watching the show. It was her first time to face big crowd such as this and I was really proud how she handled herself. No stage frights. Despite all the cameras, beaming light fixtures of the stage and hundreds of unfamiliar faces, she danced the itik-itik way. Truly proud and happy! bratinella is really a certified school girl.

photo opps before leaving the house

while waiting for their dance number

the itik-itik show

food sharing with mommy and daddy --- we are asked to bring Filipiniana food. Thus, I called Red Ribbon to deliver pansit palabok ...believe me, the kids loved the pansit and chicharon so much. big hit especially lapid's chicharon!

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