Wednesday, August 20, 2008

bonding time with the family

Ahh … it’s a long holiday once again. It’s the perfect time to spend “home time”. Usually, I set aside this time for the home. Rearranging the furniture and fixing things. And most importantly, this is the time my husband & I detoxify ourselves after a long stressful week.

But ever since my hubby availed of the NFL Sunday Ticket, our Sundays have been invaded by NFL! I am telling you he’s hooked! And this I don’t understand … big brutes beat each other up and everyone seems happy with it! I really don’t get it!

Much more, with Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket, suddenly the whole gang is in the house! Let alone my hubby spending more time in front of the TV all Sunday … he has his entire friends howling like baboons thrashing up the place (formerly, our living room). The NFL TV package not only allows the guys to watch “a game”, but practically “all the games”. Now, I not only have to contend with NFL TV but rather with DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket … it’s a mismatch. How can I compete?!

But at the end of the day, I thank God that these long holidays. Makes me enjoy my ME time, family time and bonding time with the kids.

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