Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sam's Moving Up Ceremonies

Sam had their Moving Up ceremonies last Saturday. She finally graduated as Junior Nursery from Fairchild Learning Center. Despite starting late last year (November), she was able to cope up with the class activities and lessons very well.

Believe me, I am one proud momma! She showed no tantrums at all during the entire ceremony. I know she's not comfortable with her white dress and shoes but nevertheless, she showed great ease and performed her I Love You piece very well. While other kids were shy and crying, Sammie went up to the microphone, stood proudly and sang amidst the crowd! Weee..happy, happy she's not shy anymore!

Btw, Sam received a gold medal for Best in Math! Galing-galing! Di nag-mana kay Mommy! lol.

Moving Up pictures below ...

Jr. Nursery processional march

Getting the certificate

receiving the gold medal award ... BEST IN MATH

Proud Mommy and Daddy, with lola and cousins.

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Gledwood said...

You're lucky to live in such an evocative tropical climate...


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