Wednesday, March 19, 2008

risk management jobs

With the growing household expenses and investment plans we are planning for the year, the husband is seriously considering new work opportunities internationally. Though he is satisfied with his present foreign-based company now, he is always on a look-out or exploring new opportunities outside his present company.

Then I came across AEF Feldman associates, an executive placement and management consulting firm that provides job placements for professional, executive or to level management US and abroad. The company offers vast options for practice such as financial services, risk management jobs, human resource consulting, communications and media, including telecommunications wherein my husband is very much interested at.
With the extensive experience of the husband in the telecommunications field, I am definitely sure that he’ll be able to fit in one of AEF Feldman job requirements. I just hope it will provide good working opportunities, competitive packages and probably include family relocation should the husband finally decides for work abroad.

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