Saturday, March 8, 2008

fashion school new york

When I am about to enter college, I’ve been thinking of the best course that would fit my personality. I wanted a degree that it is people-oriented, glamorous, stylish, and something that would bring out the fashion and creative spark in me. More of thinking a course geared towards interior designing, advertising and particularly, fashion designing.

I’ve always wanted to take fashion designing as a collegiate course since I am always amazed with the beauty and glamour I see on the pages of fashion magazines. It seems working in a fashion industry such as being an editor or stylist, is a prestigious and glamorous job! The person must be updated with all the fashion styles, news and latest trends and must-haves. Really fun and glitzy job!

But in order to have the “eye” for fashion, one must be equipped with the right knowledge. Learn the basic know-how’s such as color, textures, lines coupled with good fashion sense are strong foundation to succeed as a great fashion designer. Well, partly involves the right connections and right school to establish one’s self in the fashion industry.

With over hundreds of available fashion schools worldwide, fashion schools in new york produces more talented and creative individuals that serves as a strong foundation in the fashion industry. It does not only enhance the talent and creativity of an individual but it teaches more than the basic concepts, provides technical trainings and develop the eye for fashion. Well, creativity is an important factor but at the fashion school new york, not only it provides direction or fashion career path but develops the uniqueness and creativity of an individual. Making his work different and stand out among others. Hmmmm...I guess this is something I need to re-consider should I plan to pursue my career in the fashion industry. What do you think? Never too late to get a second degree.

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