Saturday, March 1, 2008

Macau Trip

anniversary kwento continuation...

Day 3 : Macau Trip

Before leaving HK, I asked hubby for "huling hirit" shopping. I left Sam and hubby still sleeping at the hotel Saturday am, took tram to Times Square and Lee Gardens at Causaway for Gucci and LV shopping (actually, browsing lang) . I initially wanted to get one Gucci bag for me but unfortunately, out of stock black princy handbag . Next thing on my list was an LV wallet, but for some reason...think the LV price in HK is higher compared to US. Might be the forex conversion. Hence, I've decided not to buy in HK. Anyway, left the store empty-handed and disappointed. I did some quick pasalubong shopping for Kuya Ico and some on sale jeans and shorts for Sam too at Giordano. Bought make up and lipstick for my Mom at Sasa. And bought tumblers for Sam at Sogo.

After lunch, we took the MTR going to Sheung Wan lines for ferry ride to Macau (HK$160 adult). Deposited our bags and checked-in at Metropole Hotel near the Leal Senado.

First stop...Venetian Hotel. This casino/hotel/mall was soooo huge! I think this is the biggest hotel in the world. With over 3,000 shops, canal river with gondola as a tour option inside... believe me it is really, really huge! I think we just covered 2/3 part of the hotel only.

quick shot with the mime inside the hotel

Mr. Lucio Tan (malling at Venetian too!) with my hubby and hubby's brother, Robin

Surprisingly, food outlets within the food court was affordable too. Hubby enjoyed dumplings and roast peking duck here again, while Sammie had her all time favorite pizza! Sam ate here with so much gusto! After eating lunch rice meal : lechon macau, wanton noodles, and pizza. She even had an ice cream snack at Haagen Daz . Grabe,the appetite of this girl...Growing kid!! lol.

We also took the gondola ride just for fun and experience! Since it was drizzling outside, we opted to take the indoor gondola ride instead. Mind you, the gondola ride is kinda steep at MOP 120 per pax. We were serenaded by an Italian gondolier while hubby busy running, trying to follow us for gondola ride pictures. Sammie enjoyed the gondola ride so much... she loved every moment of it. She was even clapping and amazed with the good operatic singing voice by our gondolier.

We were so exhausted after our Venetian Hotel Tour. Just went inside few shops like Zara, Esprit, Lladro and other foreign brands. But didn't buy anything. Too exhausted to shop! Got tired feet and stayed at Starbucks while waiting for hubby who insisted to spend few minutes at the casino floor.

Thanks to the shuttle bus provided by Venetian Hotel, we were back to our hotel past 11pm that night. Super tired but happy .. the trip to Venetian was really worth it! A must see place and experience at Macau!

Day 4: More of MACAU TRIP

After the tiring day at Venetian Hotel, we decided to explore Macau city and its famous spots the next day. It was Sunday that time and I cant believe the streets were full of tourist. Despite the drizzle, a lot of tourists still can be seen in the area. Happily walking, taking pictures, shopping and exploring the historic landmark like us.

buying authentic portuguese egg tarts at MOP$6.00/each

no big fountain this time at Senado Square ...golden rats were displayed to welcome chinese new year!

Ruins of St. Paul ... also can be found at Senado Square
flea market shopping near the ruin's of St. Paul
Sammie enjoying the dried beef sold here. Free taste offered in all the stores along this strip. Yummy!
at St. Agustine Chruch ... also can be found along Senado Square

visited Da Vinci's exhibit at Macau Tower which showcased all his works...sorry, no pictures allowed here

the little girl (and Daddy) exhausted after the exhibit watch ... eating again at Da Vinci's art cafe
view of Taipa-Coloane bridge from the Macau tower
at the Golden Lotus Garden
strolling at fisherman's wharf avenue

at the world's highest jump .. macau tower

at ceasar's hotel located inside the fisherman's wharf village
view of the macau bridge at night time ... really breathtaking!

Sadly, I wasn't able to visit any shopping district at Macau. Our sked was so full and I can't squeeze visit at Macau's flea market : Red Market or even cross the border at Zhuahai... I was so tempted to got to Wynn Hotel for window shopping, but Mike can't handle Sammie alone :( Oh well... next time, maybe.

5 Things I learned in Macau

1. You can't do casino-hopping if you bring kid/s along. For obvious reason, they won't allow you to be near the casino floor.

2. Shuttle buses (from one casino to another, ferry, tourist spots) are mostly free. BUT, since we have a kid with us, we cant go near/ride the shuttle bus station located at the basement of the casino hotel. (we experienced this at Grand Lisboa) Buses are for casino patrons only.

3. Riding a taxi proved to be difficult since most of the drivers can't speak English. Ask somebody from your hotel (concierge perhaps) to write down your destination in chinese characters for them to understand.

4. Mostly, the locals can't understand English. Ask friendly pinoys around for instuctions. You'll see them almost everywhere. Macau ferry, Macau Tower, hotels etc...

5. Siesta still being observed at some parts of Macau, particularly at Fisherman's Wharf. We were here for early dinner past 5pm at Camoes. Unfortunately, most of the restos still close for siesta break. Wasn't able to eat authentic Portuguese food!! (was really disappointed!)

Hubby and I vowed to be back in Macau within the year ... this time, without Sam. We failed to do some casino-hopping and thrift bargain shopping during our last visit. We haven't explored more of Macau due to limited time. I guess November will be a good time to visit Macau for the Macau Grand Prix..hubby heart this so much!

Also, hopefully HK-Macau visit again by June this year...I heard our Marketing Team already planning to change our team sales incentive from Palau to Macau-HK...definitely need to hit our quota to achieve this trip! Wish us luck ...


Anonymous said...

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shopaholictiestheknot said...

nice pics, jacqui!! love the one with mona lisa. : )

Jody said...

Waah! Inggit ako sa pictures! I want to go to Macau!Dapat nga childless when going there para makapag-casino! Sana isama ako ni Dicky sa group incentive nyo! hahaha. At sana rin, i-award na ni Anne sa akin lahat ng events nyo cause I heard there's Phuket for your clients on December for a golf tournament! Hay, sana!

Mich said...

I miss macau after reading your post! ang sarap talga sa Macau kapag walang kid hehehe! next time 2nd honeymoon na kayo dapat doon! :) nice photos btw!

Jane said...

next time i go to hk, punta talaga ko ng macau!!! super nice daw noh?

love the pics. ayan satisfied nako di na bititn hehe

Peachy said...

nice pics jacqui.. if we plan to visit HK and macau, ask ako inputs syo ah :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi pat,

thanks for the visit... naku dami pa pix inside the exhibit. sayang, bawal cam sa loob :(

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Jody.

Wish, wish, wish din namin we hit our targets this June!! Race to Macau na with HK pa!

Sana you could join us...para dami chicka time (and red dog!) lol! ok lang naman to bring partner anyway you'll pay naman your own fare and accomodations.

Sana talaga matuloy..nabitin ako last punta namin eh! :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Mich,

I agree...sarap gumala pag wala kid talaga! :) Grabe, I want to shop on my own sa mga tiangge and flea markets, I can't do it..di kaya ni Mike si Sam alone! Waaahhh!

But, ok din kasama Sam kasi I'll miss her naman if di ko sya kasama :) Talagang I brought her along for the HK trip.

But truly, sarap sa maacu noh! :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi jane,

on your next visit to hk..which i am sure that will be soon, do visit macau! mura lang ferry going here. then book ka sa venetian hotel!! wow!!!

hi peachy,

surely, glad to help you on your queries :)

apple said...

hi jacqui,

will definitley bug you soon. hk kami by sept eh.
expect me, hehe.

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