Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Friendship Chain

Thanks Nol for the tag!! :)

~~Begin Copy~~
This is the easy way and the fastest way to :
1. Make your Technorati Authority explode.
2. Increase your Google Page Rank.
3. Get more traffic to your blog.
4. Make new friends.
Rules :
1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3. Tag your friends as much as you can.
~~End Copy~~
Now I'm tagging : Abie, Alpha, Aggie, Angela,Apple, Annette and Apols


Angela Tesoro said...

hi jacqui! thanks for the tag :) oo nga e, na-hack kasi ng spammers ang account ko kaya i'm working on fixing it muna (oh okay i'm trying to get it fixed =P)okay naman, just reached 4 months and so far while difficult, baby's doing okay. it's started moving na nga :) hope that continues! lotsa love!

Fenridal said...

See here or here

abie said...

Hi Sis,

Done na po:

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