Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Snagged this tag from Jane. Super aliw doing this ha! :)

I AM … Jacqui.
I WANT… to travel. Europe perhaps.
I HAVE… wonderful and loving husband.
I WISH… I have more mommy time with Sam.
I HATE… worrying! I worry too much!!
I FEAR… to not be a good mother to Ico and Sam.
I SEARCH… answers and sale items from the internet!
I WONDER… if we've made the right choice today.
I REGRET… not listening to my mom's advice (when I was still young and wild!)
I LOVE… out of town trips.
I ALWAYS… think on ways/means how to meet our sales quota for the year.
I AM NOT… good in dieting!! bwahahaha!
I DANCE… when I am happy.
I SING… to my heart's delight.
I CRY… easily. I am a cry-baby! lol.
I WRITE… when I am not busy at work,
I WON… today's argument with hubby! hahaha!
I AM CONFUSED… whether to get something big option 1 or option 2.
I NEED… lots of moolah!! sino ba hindi?! hahaha!
I SHOULD… start dieting! Gawd..I am really big na!!
THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… did we made the right choice?

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