Wednesday, March 12, 2008


There are a lot of organic plants available in the market that promotes use of botanical plants as a healing option. Others have extended further the use of plants, by creating a shaman-type of garden that offers ornamental, organic seeds and herbarium specimen. For example, have you heard of "entheogen" or becoming divine within? It is closely related to ethnobotanical or the use of plants with healing properties. Despite living in a modern and technologically advanced world, the cry for simplicity and "back to basics" kind of lifestyle is being practiced by many. Thus, others seek alternative form of medicine to practice clean living and healthy lifestyle.

While reading on alternative form of medicine, I stumbled upon Shaman shop website that offers other plant variation such as kratom. A legally sold plant (except in Thailand) that eases the mind and energize the body if taken in smaller amounts. While creating a vivid meditative form of relaxation if taken in large amounts. The site offers kratom extracted plant material strictly for external use as an exotic incense and not for human consumption. Other form of kratom and variations also available and distributed by the website too. For more details, do check out I am Shaman shop site.


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