Friday, January 15, 2010

travel bag

I think 2010 will be the year of travel for the family. We have so many travel plans ahead of us, not only because of our work, but family travel as well. And since we will be travelling a lot this year (both domestic and foreign trips), I can't help but wish to get myself a perfect travel companion. For months now, I've been eyeing these particular Louis Vuitton travel mates:

1. Keepall 50 with Strap : Perfect hand-carry luggage for our trips. Easy and practical use especially if you travel light. The size simply perfect for the overhead luggage bin.

2. Bloomsbury PM : Another fashionable bag for everyday use. Very practical especially if you are travelling and always on the go. Leaves your hands free while shopping or holding a baby. Very true. Hahaha!
Obviously, I love damier print, don't you agree. If ever, these bags will be part of my growing mini damier collection. Anyway, no definite plans to buy yet ... haven't talked to the husband on the budget for my new LV bag. He will be leaving for Hawaii on Sunday evening and I need to decide which one ... fast. :)

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