Friday, January 15, 2010

Japan travel treat

To celebrate our upcoming 6th-year anniversay this February, the husband finally said yes to my pleas ... a trip to Tokyo, Japan! Wooohooo! Finally, he agreed to grant one of my dream travel destination. Though our target trip will not coincide with our anniversary date this time, but it will still be perfect in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival. We shall be in Tokyo for five days, from March 26-March 30.
Of course our travel itinerary will include Disneysea and Sanrio Puroland as must see destinations as well as the Asuka temples. Dine in and experience authentic Japanese food from hand-rolled maki's, sushi and yakisoba galore! A trip to Tsukiji market and enjoy the beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival. So many things to do with so little time! And I hope I can squeeze everything with a little time for shopping since I need to get anti aging face face creams too. Oh, just can't wait! But before anything else, need to complete my Japanese visa requirements. Wish me luck that no hitches on my visa application. :)

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