Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Migo's baptism invites

Got the baptism invites of Migo! Really cutie, eh? Got this from my new supplier and I am happy with the layout. My little squirt looks more a baby this time and not a biggie about to have his first birthday. LOL.

I am happy with my new supplier, cute prints. Totally accommodating, fast, efficient and reliable. I was able to get my lay out in less than 24 hours, approved it and on it's way to the printer as I type this blog. Hahaha, really fast. The artist did a great job, don't you think so? I wonder if she got home budget software online for this invite. I was told it is much better compared to other websites for software applications.

Anyway, please see attached draft invites below.


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Gracie said...

ganda ng new invite :) Cuteprints did a terrific job! :)

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