Sunday, April 6, 2008

switching medical career as x-ray technician

As I’ve previously blogged, was delighted for my cousin who passed nursing board exam recently. After passing the board, she’s eager to pursue her studies by getting medical training abroad. One of the lucrative training options is to further train as xray technician. An x-ray technician is responsible for operating high tech medical technology such as MRI, x-ray machines and other scanning and imaging devices. It may not be as prestigious work as doctors but the demand for x-ray technician is very high especially for UK and Middle East countries. Really promising, huh?!

The program for radiologic technican lasts for 1-4 years depending on the accelerated certifications such as registered nurses who wish to switch careers. For my cousin’s case, this program may last two years before she earns the Associate degree to be a full-fledged xray technician. Another medical career option really worth considering for her advance courses.

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