Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sam's favorite treat : Roasted Chicken with Corn

This is Sam's favorite treat, Turbo Roasted Chicken with Cream Style Corn. Its been almost a tradition and our weekend staple food.

Would you believe whenever I ask her what she likes for lunch, she'll always say "chicken corn" with so much gusto! She can even guess that I am preparing her surprise treat by the smell of the chicken while being cooked. When she was little, she would even dance around the table and watch her chicken corn being cooked from the roaster. Really funny seeing her doing her famous chicken dance! Oh I can even remember her first taste of the concept "hot", was when she burned her fingers by attempting to touch the roaster! After this incident, she never touched the roaster again.

This is her comfort food! And she never gets tired eating this yummy treat! and Kuya too! Perfect lunch mates.

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