Sunday, April 6, 2008

Futbol Funatics Summer Camp

Registered Sam for Futbol Funatics Summer Camp yesterday, and boy..I was so happy and excited seeing her enjoying the game. Only few girls enrolled for the Beckenham Buddies class (age 3-6 years old) , and I can see that she slowly enjoys the game despite the summer heat.

First day, was simply getting to know the game..playing and kicking the ball around. Sam at first was quite hesitant staying on the field because of the heat, but eventually she participated with the group excercises. The class size was initially overwhelmingly big, with celebrity parents Mylene Dizon and Paolo happily cheering for their son Tomas, while Marvin Agustin came for the trial class with his twins. Real Cutie pair!

Second day was even better, longer attention span and playing time for Sam. She enjoyed kicking the ball towards the goal, running and goofing around with other kids, happily enjoyed doing the warm up games and play scrimmage with her classmates. Class size was divided to maintain the ideal teacher-student ratio too.

Futbol Camp is chika time too with another fellow mommy blogger, Tet. While our kids Izech and Sam busy playing under the sun with our hubbies watching them, Tet and I busy exchanging chika moments away from the sun! Vain mommies!! We’re afraid of getting burned noh! Mahirap magpa-puti..wala na kami budget pa-Belo! Hahaha!

Sharing some of Sam's Futbol Camp pictures... pardon the pictures if too small and far. Afraid si Mommy to stay under the sun! Hahaha!

one-on-one with coach

sam wearing black shorts playing scrimmage with the boys

during warm up excercises

finally, game over ... with proud daddy!

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