Monday, April 7, 2008

Holiday Off

Holiday break was spent again to our favorite summer get-away, Club Manila East. Since this is only 8 minutes drive away from our place, this is our immediate answer to beat the summer heat. With our swimsuits on, we headed towards CME right after breakfast.

I heart CME so much because of its proximity to our place. It offers reasonable entrance fee and cottage rental, and food price is very, very affordable. Despite no food and drinks allowed in the area, Jollibee and Shakey’s food carts available here. Restaurant food is also yummy with our favorite mangga with bagoong, sizzling squid and sisig. Real yummy!

As usual, Ico and Mike spent most of their time enjoying the giant slide (as in countless times!) and wave pool. While I was tasked to be Sam’s nanny in the kiddie pool.

Sharing some of our summer pix at CME ...

After spending the day at CME, went home and decided to cook something special for the family. Since I still have left over spaghetti sauce last week, decided to do magic “quick-fix” and cooked more sauce to serve the hungry boys. Sadly, was not able to take pictures of the pasta meal since it was immediately goofed down by Ico and Mike. Well, next time …

Then for dinner, was in the mood to cook kare-kare. Ever since I discovered Lola Idang’s Kare-kare near our place, was sooo lazy to cook this viand. It is easy to buy take out you know! With P160, you can buy one palayok of kare-kare hassle-free! But recently, Lola Idang’s resto is undergoing renovation thus no kare-kare/ crispy pata available for take out for months now :(

Anyway, take a peek to my simple kare-kare below…

sauteing the pork tail and cooking bagoong on the side ... (alternative since no oxtail available)

the end product ... kare-kare ala jacqui!!


Jen said...

omg jacqui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i could certainly gain 19 pounds eating your food. YUM!!!!!


earthlingorgeous said...

I love your wedding pic on top:) Mmmmm those food are simply mouth made me crave for kare-kare waaaaaaaah hahaha!
Found you on a tag by MsPinkBiik I'm doing the blog hopping :)

Jesse Pega said...

HI jacqui!

Nice ba talaga sa CME? I was actually planning a summer outing with my family and CME is on top of my list due to its proximity eh. May overnight accomodations ba dun? thanks in advance :)

Massagem said...

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Farah said...

grabe jacqi! ginutom mo ako i swear :) cainta ka din ba? i have also been to CME once pero 2003 pa yun hehehe! take care mwah! :)

Mich said...

oh my! your kare-kare looks good!!! shocks i don't want to eat these days but when I saw it bigla akong nag-crave! lalo na the bagoong! YUM!

btw, may wave pool na pala sa CME? or dati pa?

juliet said...

hi jacqui,

yummy naman. btw, i got curious kung san ka nakatira kasi you mentioned about lola idang's eh malapit lang yun din yun sa min. Dito kasi ako sa Greenwoods.

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