Wednesday, April 2, 2008

plain lazy and etcetera ...

Nope...not bitten (yet) by the preggo bug.

Just plain LAZY to blog. Eversince my other blog got PR0 rating, was so tamad. Very few "rakets" received lately. As in. Huhuhu! Nahinto ang aking pagyaman!! Syeeet! So, no kwentos and updates lately. Di kailangan ng fillers eh.. Hahaha!

But, I've been very busy with work, with online shopping (HAH! inabot ko spring sale Old Navy and Gap) ... and mostly, downloading music for my ipod. Hahaha! Now I have Rhiana, Akon, Neyo and other hiphop songs! Bwahahaha...feeling hip and young! (nakikisabay lang po kay Kuya Ico!)

Also, I enjoyed bloghopping more these past few days... nakiki-tsismis and nakikibalita ng buhay-buhay. Oh, in case you've noticed dear MBAPs, sipag ko mag comment ngayon! Hahaha! Then... I sooooooo envy twitters nila Aggie, Apols, Thea and Kelly. Hmmm... ito ba uso ngayon? I wonder if this is possible with blogspot.

So yun... little etcetera updates lang. babaw noh!

Promise, one of these days I'll enrol my detour blog to "rakets" ... kaya, babangon uli ako at yayaman!!! bwahahaha!

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