Thursday, April 17, 2008

Off to Cebu...again

I am bound for Cebu tomorrow ... again. This time, it will just be an overnight stay.

We have an official function at Waterfront Mactan for our Cebu-based Corporate clients thus we need to be there for courtesy appearance and show our support for our provicial sales team. It will be a fun-filled and exciting night at Waterfront Mactan since Bayan will be hosting casino game for our VIP clients. Awesome prize awaits our lucky clients, MAC Books and Ipods will be given away as "casino" winnings. Hmmmm...truly exciting!

The best part of the trip, food trip galore! Love Cebu's sutukil restaurant at Mactan. This is Cebu's version of Dampa! Fresh seafoods and yummy grilled tuna served here. Also, I look forward visiting Taboan Market. Despite the smelly surroundings, love buying (and haggling) dried pusit, dilis and danggit here! Then of course my trip will not be complete without the famous CnT lechon. Real gastronomic, high cholesterol yummy treat. Hubby will be very much disappointed if I won't bring home CnT lechon hence a must stop here too.

Wanted to try Chi Spa too at Shang Mactan... been couple of years since my last Spa experience here and I am contemplating if I'll treat myself for an ultimate spa treatment. Very, very pricey indulgence! Though not sure if I still have time to indulge... but still hoping.

Anyway, will miss bratinella's futbol camp this Saturday. I'll also miss shoe shopping of hubby and Ico too. It's gonna be boys day out as they claim, Hmmm... I wonder if Daddy can handle Sam (and Ico) for couple of days. Let's wait and see.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

food trip!!:)

Mich said...

wow, food trip ito! have fun Jacqui! :)

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