Thursday, April 3, 2008

switching medical career as pharmacy technician

I am happy to say my favorite niece passed the nursing board exam last February 21, 2008. It has been her longest dream to enter the medical field and nursing was one of her choices as an entry-level next to being a pharmacy technician.

I’ve heard great reviews on this particular medical profession thus my niece is contemplating of switching careers and be a pharmacy tech. The opportunity to work overseas is high and the demand for this field increases compared to other medical professions. Moreover, pharmacy technician salary is very competitive and very well compensated. Thus, making it an attractive option for her to consider switching career from her present job.

As I’ve told my niece before, though salary or compensation may be one of the greatest contributing factors for career consideration, still it is very important to consider the demands of the job and the happiness it will bring to her. If serving and caring for people will be her true calling, then she needs to follow her heart and heed her calling. Ensure the total well-being of people is a noble and fulfilling career decision. Truly admirable!

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