Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sam's summer look .. the bob cut!

Since the weather is so hot, I've decided to give Sam a new "do". After her footbal game at Meralco camp, she had her hair cut at Little Lamb's Salon in Fun Ranch Tiendesitas. And I was so pleased... it was her first time visit to a real salon and she enjoyed the pampering treatment.
Look how behave she was the entire time (eerrr...kudos to Barney video for keeping her busy!)

taaddaaa...Sam's bob cut! real pretty and suits her nicely!

Oh My, truly envy my daughter... she got her bob cut ala-Greta look and looks beautiful on her! She's got small frame face and the bob cut suits her perfectly for summer! of my frustrations answered through my daughter. lol!

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