Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thoughts on Money, Travel and Careers

My daughter has begun to think more seriously about her college education and career choices. She’s just a sophomore in high school now, but I think it’s wise on her part to start thinking about this now so we can plan ahead. She’s having trouble deciding, as she says, “what to do with my life.” This is a big issue for someone so young, but I’m impressed that she’s showing this initiative at her age.

I know she’s always loved to travel. We haven’t been able to afford to do that much over the years, but her bedroom walls have travel posters of destinations from around the world. I also know she has a compassionate heart and enjoys helping people. This started at an early age when a bird crashed into our sliding glass door and she nursed it back to health. With these two things in mind, I came across what might be the ideal career for her: traveling nurse.

Travel nurse jobs offer a great way to see the world while helping out the less fortunate. I asked what she thought of this idea, and she’s thrilled about it, so we’re looking at nursing schools and at the agencies that hire travel nurses. Our local college does offer a nursing program, but often there’s a long waiting list. I’ve discovered nurses are in great demand right now, and this translates into increased nursing program enrollment.

School tuition is much higher than in my college days, and our finances are tight. We’re looking at online nursing programs that might cost less, and she could get her degree quicker, too. My girl is so excited about this idea, and she wants to get on that plane as soon as possible. I’m hoping she’ll stay in the United States, at least for her first couple assignments, but I know she’ll eventually want to travel to all parts of the world.

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