Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Babyproof Your Home

Bringing a new baby home can be quite an exciting thing. The first thing you want to do though, is to baby proof new jersey luxury apartments. The worst thing that can happen is having your child get into something they aren't supposed to and get hurt. By baby proofing your home early, you can prevent any of that from happening at all and keep your mind at ease.

One simple tip is to get down on your hands and knees and crawl around on the floor to see the same view as your child does. Look for anything that might be interesting for the baby to touch or play with, and make note of it.

Make sure that your house has new batteries in all the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Take down all of your small refrigerator magnets, as they could pose a choking problem if they fall to the floor when the door is slammed too hard.

Locate all of the electrical outlets in your house and cover them with plastic outlets or buy special baby proof covers for them. Keep your cupboards securely closed with childproof locks. Some children may figure out how to open them, so if you have any cleaning solutions or sprays, place them high up on a shelf where a baby wouldn't be able to reach them.

Keep a list in a visible place of all emergency contact numbers. You can also program them into your phone so that you can dial them in a moment's notice. If you aren't sure what else you can do to protect your baby, there are professional baby-proofers out there that will come to your home and child proof the house for you. It's better to be overly safe then have an accident happen when you're least expecting it.

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