Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Medical Negligence on the Rise?

Just the other day, my friend spoke about how health care, world over, is becoming a hot topic for debate and discussion. I couldn't help but think of the people in our country and in the other parts of the world who can't afford basic health care. One usually reads of instances where ailing children die of malnourishment and other avoidable situations. It's sad to see the plight of other people and not be able to do anything to help.

It's even more shameful to come across cases of medical negligence where patients die due to mistakes made by nurses and doctors at hospitals and in nursing homes. I was reading on the topic and was shocked to learn that over 200,000 Americans fall victim to medical negligence each year. I hate to think about what the statistics might be in other countries around the world.

While reading up, I also came across an instance where the paramedics and nurse arrived late and then checked the patient only after tending to other formalities that were insignificant. Why should that happen on an emergency call? What should the family of the victim do in such a case? It seems like a patient has no choice but to accept whatever emergency treatment is available, but if you are aware of your rights, you can demand justice.

The example I mentioned above was of a woman who died in Maryland. If the family of the victim had sought help from a few Maryland medical malpractice lawyers, they probably would have built a case and taken the authorities to court. Consequently, the family of the victim would have been compensated.

However, not many families take that route. They simply accept their fate and move on. If they had someone to guide them on a tough journey like this, I think the situations would have been completely different.

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