Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Commercial Property Management: From Marketing to Maintenance

For many real estate investors knowing the market only meant identifying a deal and executing the transaction. Once the deal has been made it falls on the owner to properly manage the property no matter how great the initial purchase price was.

Commercial property management requires the fulfillment of many duties. The point of all successful real estate investment is to make money while maintaining the property. Even the best real estate purchases can be derailed by poor marketing and bad maintenance.

A great rental location does not matter if the right tenants are in the dark about the deal. While property managers might not consider themselves to be in the field of sales or advertising, each is necessary to be successful. Empty units, no matter how well maintained, are the path to a real estate failure. In most markets, particularly when the economy is struggling, the rental competition is fierce. Succeeding in this environment requires knowledge of local interests and tastes. This is why it might be prudent for an investor to hire a local property manager prior to investing in an unfamiliar market. At the least, this will give the property owner time to learn his or her market while the experienced property manager fills vacancies.

While a marketing genius might be able to fill vacancies in any location, keeping tenants will require keeping the building operating in good order. For owners that do not know a pipe wrench from a stud finder, finding a manger with at least a rudimentary knowledge of construction will stave off frustration when the property inevitably suffers some attrition. Ideally a property manager will also have awareness of local building codes and county/town ordinances so that keeping up a building does not result in unnecessary fines or penalties. Wasting time by trying to learn on the job could lead to wasting money or losing an investment.


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