Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Concepts in Cooking

I've recently heard of this great new concept in both food preparation and cooking. It's a dinner club, and these types of social organizations are popping up a lot. How do they work?

First, most dinner clubs have a website. You can sign up for the club and take a look at its menu. Pick and choose the meals you know you and your family will love. You can even pay ahead online, too.

Second, prepare for your visit to dinner club. Wear clothing that doesn't have long sleeves, which can get messy while assembling your meals. Tie your hair back if it's long and bring a large reusable box or bag to carry your meals home in.

Third, head to the club. Upon arrival, you'll go to your first station. There will be ingredients and a list of instructions. Follow them, assemble your meal, and add extra garlic or cheese, if that's what you and your family like. Typically, stickers or cards with cooking instructions will be available for your pre-assembled meals.

Next, have a blast! You can chat with friends or neighbors, meet new people, have a glass of wine, and throw all your ingredients together. It will feel great knowing that you won't be doing any of the clean up!

Last, take your meals home and cook as needed.

Dinner clubs will save you time and allow for fewer trips to the grocery store. You won't have to worry about spoiled ingredients or dirty dishes. Dinner clubs are your one-stop destination. You can be social while being productive! After looking into dinner clubs, it seems like they offer a fun and convenient time. There's no need to seek out recipes. Head to a dinner club and let the staff do the work! Just a couple hours a month and you have meals for days, even weeks. Sounds delicious.

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