Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Daughter Loves Online Games

My daughter is old enough now to play online games and she's been thrilled with a few of the games I recently let her try out on our computer. I always take the time to thoroughly read the reviews of any games she'd like to play. I look for a few key things before I let her play a game, including a "G" rating. The G rating tells me that there isn't any bad language or unpleasant violence in the game and that it is appropriate for children of any age. I also try to encourage her to play online games that are educational in some way. Fortunately, there are tons of games now available that pass both tests.

I've discovered that my daughter loves playing any kind of game that involves animals. Is this something common to all little girls? She's just loving a game called "Kitten Sanctuary," where she gets to rescue a bunch of sweet little kittens from aliens. Of course, she's now interested in getting a real kitten some day soon! In the meantime, online games with lots of animals keep her satisfied.

Another game she likes (and I enjoy as well) is "Fishdom." She gets to design and stock an aquarium with beautiful tropical fish, then take care of them. The graphics are wonderful, and it's a pretty and relaxing game that is great just before bedtime.

We've set up some rules for playing online games that limit the time she can play each week, and so far they've worked really well. She knows she can play an hour of online games each afternoon, and we sometimes get some extra playtime in together on the weekends. Even her dad enjoys playing online games with us, so the games are really family activities!

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Anonymous said...

That is sweet!

My stand is, there is no harm in playing online games as long as there is restriction on the kind of game to play and the time to spend.

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