Thursday, June 3, 2010

unwanted fats

Seriously, the husband should lose weight too! Just look at his recent picture from Miami South Beach at Florida. He badly needs to shed off those unwanted tummy-fats. I've been trying to remind him for months now that he's slowly gaining weight, but he's very adamtan that he can easily lose weight if he wants to. He's gifted with strong will-power and determination to do it, that is, if he put his mind and heart to it. But lately, with his busy travel schedules with work, he can't squeeze gym time. Hah! And he thinks losing weight would be easy. I've been trying to lose weight ever since I gave birth (and that was six months ago!), and believe me really challenging and difficult. Especially with all those food temptations around. Yay! And to lose weight fast, I've been searching the web for top diet pills that is effective and affordable. So many pills, endless options ... and I am confused which one is effective and true to it's promise for weight-loss. Any suggestions?

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