Thursday, June 24, 2010

computer upgrade

It will take quite a while before I can get my new laptop. Sadly, company opex budget quite tight lately as we need to priroritize investments that would yield high revenue returns in a short period of time. Naturally, one of the major cuts includes non-urgent sales tools such as cars, desktops and laptops.
Thus, despite all the slowness with the office applications, ICMS and CRM tools installed in my current laptop, I have no choice but to wait for unit upgrade. It may take long as it needs budget approval which I believe will be part of the 2011 planning already. But as an interim solution, our IT group suggested for quick upgrade approach at less cost , do computer memory upgrade. It sounds a viable solution for now, as most of the sales people already complaining of slowness that affects their productivity but nevertheless, it is still an upgrade. I welcome any possibility of improving my work performance and I sure do hope so this will be the practical and economical solution for the company.

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