Wednesday, June 2, 2010

on acne treatment

Have you heard about acnepril ? It was highly recommended by my friends based in US who switched from proactive to this new acne treatment solution. Any suggestions where I can find this? ? My son is experiencing total acne break-out and I need to find a cure as soon as possible. He will be attending his first back to school dance ever and naturally, he's so concious with all the acne on his face. Believe me, major acne-break out! Blame it on his late night sleeping caused by downloading and surfing the net, busy playing online games. And of course, since he's a teenager .. he loves to eat fatty and oily food such as burgers, pizza and fries. So I need to find a treatment that will stop over production of oil production that causes acne. And with one week to go, need to look for natural acne treatment that is safe, relieable as well as affordable to solve his zits problem. Any suggestions?

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