Sunday, June 13, 2010

Perhaps, Delightful?

Welcome the newest offering from Louis Vuitton - the Monogram Delightful. It's slated to be released in June 2010 I was told that LV Guam store already has a stock. I wonder if it will be released to other LV stores within the next few months. It's so beautiful - a combination of Artsy and Neverfull. Its extra supple hobo shape makes it a joy to carry as it molds to your body. And the price is really great - $760 for the PM, $855 for the MM and $1100 for the GM. The PM and MM versions do not have the zippered pockets in front thus, the big price difference. Of course, I want the zipper type as my Neverfull has no zipper at all. Now I am thinking ... And since it's my birthday week, perhaps I can get someting DELIGHTFUL as birthday treat! Hahaha! Let's see.

1 comment:

Mich said...

go, go, go!! :)

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