Saturday, June 12, 2010

another baby shower ...

for the MBAPs group.
For 2010, we have two preggo members, both about to give birth anytime this month. Our blogger friends, Abie and Joy. Thus, we are rushing for their baby shower as they are about to pop anytime. So tomorrow, Sunday, we are off to Conti's Greenbelt 2 for an afternoon party. We've booked a separate function room to accommodate the MBAPs including our families. So that's a total of thirty adults and kids. Whooaa! :)
For the baby shower gift, I already bought a small token for Abie's baby, a baby boy this time. While for Joy, I got her some girly stuff since they are blessed with another baby girl in the family. The husband told me aside from getting the babies some cutie stuffs, he told me to get the preggo moms prenatal vitamins too. A must, as it helps the babies development while inside the mother's womb. And he's right. Now I am seriously considering the husband's suggestion.

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